I have spent twenty years in prison for fighting against abortion. Now I need your help to go home. I am 64 years old.

I didn’t understand the abortion issue until I held my still-born granddaughter. In that moment the abortion debate went from an abstract political debate, to something personal. A federal psychologist called my experience a “Life Stressor” and diagnosed me with an Axis I disorder. Whatever its called, my irrational reaction hurt hundreds of innocent people and earned me 53 years in federal prison. My criminal extremism is well documented so I’ll not belabor it other than to say I used threatening words and mailed fake anthrax as weapons of terror against abortion clinic staff, but did not physically harm anyone nor did I damage a facility. I say this for clarity, not to distract from the terror experienced by my victims.

Years after my arrest I remained an unrepentant extremist, but time healed my heart. I evolved from using my pen as an extremist weapon to writing to discourage violence against abortion clinics and staff. In 2011, I sent an apology letter to my victims. I am ashamed that I hurt innocent people.

After more than 20 years in federal prison I am trying to go home to my wife of 43 years. Today I have a motion before my sentencing judge for “Compassionate Release,” but she will be hesitant to release me with out public support. My wife and our eight children fully support my release, but I’ll need more. I ask for your help with a letter of support to my federal judge. You can send a letter directly to the judge at the below address, or send us an email letter and we’ll send it. If you have any questions you can reach me by letter at the below address, or you can email questions to my wife, Mary. I also ask that you pray for Mary. She needs me home now more than ever.


Clay Waagner

Honorable Sue E. Myerscough Clayton Waagner #17258-039 Mary Waagner – mwaagner82@gmail.com
United States District Judge Federal Correctional Institution mwaagner82@gmail.com
Federal Court Building P.O. Box 1000
201 S. Vine Street Cumberland, MD 21501
Urbana, IL 61801

In Your letter reference: Email a letter we will mail to Judge:
Clayton Lee Waagner FreeClayWaagner@gmail.com
Case No. 99-20042-001