Clayton Waagner

Sixteen year-old Hope discovered the ability to project herself during a near-death drowning. A few days into exploring her new found abilities everything she knew was threatened. She was not alone on the astral plane. Hope saw her abilities as a vessel for good, but others saw it as a weapon. 

Corporations, Governments, and even ancient secret orders will do anything to control her. Before she knows what is happening her family is attacked, her parents arrested by a secret government agency. Hope has no choice but to fight. She will have to become as ruthless as those hunting her if she is to protect those she loves. To win she will have to learn to control her great power; she will have to learn fast because they are getting close. 

In an era where computer security is tied to national security a hacker can be a criminal, a defensive weapon, or a terrorist. As the world's greatest hacker, Luke Webber had been a criminal who transitioned to a defensive weapon for Homeland Security, then became a most wanted terrorist. Webber was guilty of many things, but never terrorism. To prove his innocence he must fight a shadow government so tightly attached to the actual U.S. government it was difficult to separate them. Not being able to tell the good guys from the bad was a problem since both hunted him. The former to capture him for trial, the later to kill him to ensure his silence. 
It would take all of Luke Webber's powerful brain to stay alive and his legendary abstract reasoning to sort through the complex puzzle that was this enemy. In a digital battle he had few peers and no equals, but this was a war fought with guns and bullets. This wasn't a game of video combat, something he had long since mastered. This was real life. When you died you stayed dead. Kill or be killed was a new concept to the young computer genius. Fortunately, he learned fast.

From the day he found out he was adopted, to the day he met the love of his life, to the first time he ever broke out of prison. You can read all these stories and more in Clayton Waagner's biography, "A Life Wasted." Available on Wattpad.